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AS: System Information

AS: System Information

Through the usage of the program language JAVA and the database system IBM DB2 AS System operates platform independent.
The operating systems Windows (from XP onwards), Linux and MacOS X 10.9 are supported. No server operating systems are required. The database engine only needs a basic operating system (e. g. Windows XP Professional).
System maintenance is implemented by Aviation IT-Solutions. Accordingly running AS System requires no IT knowledge by customers.
Anytime Aviation IT-Solutions supports its customers per telephone and online.
We inform users about software updates per e-mail. Customers can decide whether they want to install updates. The allocation of the new version on computers within company automatically follows at the user's next login.
You are able to enter the system on the way with a laptop or from home office. Remote access is realized via Virtual Private Network (VPN).
AS System will be installed on your existing IT infrastructure. Therefore no changes in your IT infrastructure are required to run AS System.

AS Mobility wlan

Our Mobility solution enables you easy access to your IT about every popular web browser.
Access to your data every time from any PC, laptop or tablet, without installing any software.

Further areas of application:
  • easy integration of home office in your company
  • direct access to the data when you working locally upon costumers
  • easy access to your offices or stations
  • or even the complete replacement of a PC workstation through virtualization
In addition, other applications (i.e. word processors and spreadsheets), which are used in your businesses and network resources (directories and data from the server) are available.

AS B2B b2b

This interface module supports, inter alia, the transfer of Work Orders from CAMP, AMOS and other programs, especially from other AS-Systems.
The individual tasks are imported into the Work Order of the AS with all necessary information and the read-in file is automatically integrated into the document management system of the AS for the respective job.
When importing data from another AS-System, the documents (pdf, images, office files, etc.) provided for the Work Order are also automatically imported into the document management system.
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  • Platform independent
  • Remote access
    - via Virtual Private Network
    - or using the Mobility Solution
  • Installation as virtual system
  • No additional license costs for third-party software
  • Security of investment through installation on existing IT infrastructure
  • Individual and multiaccess system