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AS Module: Avionics, Instruments & Components

With its special functions AS System supports all tasks regarding your support of avionics, instruments and components.

Repairs, modifications, installations, post- and verification or the production of avionics, instruments or components: For all this, the AS system offers you the right solution.

Here document management, operating schedules and bills of materials administration also show to advantage entirely. With bills of materials a preview of inventory control system is always possible. Depending on remits the most diverse work reports, assessment forms and certificates are available.

Additional information such as drawings and images can be saved in the electronic document management and are always accessible. In the course of an order the work process can be documented electronically by photographs, for example.

Further integral components:
  • The functions of Parts Trading
  • Sections of Aircraft Maintenance

Advantages and Features

  • Repair orders
  • Bills of materials
  • Work schedules
  • Management Minor and Major Changes
  • Serial number management
  • Incl. documentation of lifecycles
  • Avionics and instrument equipment per aircraft